Software Development

Sometimes the requirements of your organization are not satisfied by any commercially available software. You do not have to spend hours or even days going round and round looking for suitable software solution. Just pass by us! We have your solution!
Contact us now and our experienced developers will work to provide you with cost-effective, scalable solutions.

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Online Testing

The new generation of assessments is designed to be online including innovative item types. Results are reported back quickly, enabling information about progress toward college and career readiness to be included on report cards. This sophisticated process is very expensive due to the infrastructure required for the online testing application and web hosting fees.
Don’t waste time. Contact us now and get instant discounts.

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Building capacity is one of the most effective strategies to maximize productivity, manage change and build self-confidence. Organizations’ success is measured by the performance of an adequately trained workforce that manages better decisions, and boosts valuable returns on investments.
Get started now and give your business a competitive workforce.

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Item Banking

Item-banking is a very sophisticated process that requires a lot of planning, effort, and experience. However, cost is always a stumbling block!

Save your money, your time, and sign up now for using AGI’s online item-banking service.

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Outsourcing work has come to be a tried-and-tested model for success. As companies grow in size and operations, it becomes increasingly clear that their focus has to be redirected to their core activities while the non-core functions can be 'sent out' or 'outsourced' to vendors specialized in that particular function.

Outsource your non-core tasks now and get access to specialized skills and services. Save on money, time and infrastructure. Give your business the competitive edge.

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Success requires more than the right technology; it demands skilled resources and a proven best-practice methodology to optimize costs, reduce risks, and achieve a faster return on investment.

Get access now to our consultants. We take the time so serious!

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