Al-Ola Modern Systems

Al-Ola was founded in 1986, to provide local and regional market with software and hardware solutions in fields of imaging solution, archiving, microfilms, education, item banking, printing and scanning. Al-Ola Modern Systems aims to utilize its professional human resources and partnerships (business partnerships, agencies, distribution & joint ventures, etc.) with the pioneers of the IT industry in Egypt and the world to provide the best and highest quality information solutions to its customers and meet their needs and provide distinguished services after sales.

Al-Ola achieved one of the most important steps in education development in Egypt, especially things and issues related to exams scoring through participation with the biggest institution of American Education Development, Scantron company, such company producing machines and software of exams score and performance evaluation, The amount of such project surpassed 3 Million pounds, the correction of Teachers’ Cadre Exams was achieved within one week for one Million and half teachers.

A partnership with Al-Ola was established since 2009 with Arab Group for Assessment (AGA) and continued with AGI in the fields of software, training, item banking, and consultation. Al-Ola is currently a authorized distributors for AGI products. Al-Ola and AGI worked jointly in different projects in both domestic and regional markets.


Quality Education Holding Company (QEHC)

The Quality Education Holding Company (QEHC) supports the educational process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; relying on the extensive experience of its members and employees in the fields of education, training and management, it successfully established many private and international schools, institutes and science academies all around the Kingdom. The Quality Education Company aims to advance the quality of the educational process and to provide the best services in this area; it is characterized by its adoption of advanced technology in the areas of education and training.

In 2014, QEHC became the soul agent of AGI’s Educational Software in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AGI supports QHEC in enhancing the quality of the educational process in KSA and providing the best services in the area of education and assessment software.