Success Stories

ETAD Success Story (2010-2014)

Evaluation, Testing and Assessment Department (ETAD) is the unique and leading testing division on the School of Continuing Education, American University in Cairo (AUC). ETAD is responsible of all SCE tests development and administration. ETAD tests about 12000 test takers yearly. Following with international testing standards, ETAD started on January 2011 to develop a Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR), which expected to take years of development.

As ETAD is an old respectable client of Al-Ola Modern Systems, it was agreed to provide ETAD with a licensed copy of IIB for use in developing its new generation tests considering ETAD feedback - on using the software - as a valuable impact to the ongoing process of IIB development. ETAD used the IIB in authoring the test items and generating test forms. As IIB provides many statistical features, ETAD used IIB to store different administrations statistics and produce graphs. Also, ETAD used IIB as a tool for producing Item Response Theory (IRT) graphs for both items and test forms levels.

Developing Examination Systems (2010-2015)

Under the umbrella of Ministry of Higher Education, AGI, through its respectable partner Al-Ola Modern Systems, worked closely with a number of faculties and colleges all over Egypt in developing their entire examination systems in terms of item banking philosophy and using of modern assessment theories.

AGI offered a package of training workshops on writing assessment framework, tests blueprints, and test item, as well as reviewing test items according to international guidelines for writing items. A number of workshops on classical statistical and Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis for test items were also offered by AGI. All these services and trainings were offered in addition to an item banking platform that fully supports modern statistics, Arabic language and complex scripts, as well.

As a powerful partner in educational assessment, AGI success stories with faculties and colleges all over Egypt were really of great help and support for universities in upgrading their examination systems.